For all those rainy Saturday afternoons when you wanted to feel like a contestant on your favorite game shows - only without the lights, camera, audience, host, prize money, trip to NYC/LA, hotel stay, or consolation prizes. Game show home games bring all of the excitement of both game shows and cardboard into your home. Featured here are the best - and a few of the worst - home editions of classic game shows.

I base my reviews on a few primary criteria:

* EQUIPMENT (Is it practical? Is it attractive?)
* ACCURACY (Is it faithful to the show? If not, are the regular rules easily adapted?)
* TRANSLATION (Is the difficulty of the material approximately the same as the level of difficulty of the show?)
* FUN FACTOR (Would you want to play it?)
* REPLAY VALUE (Would you want to play it again? Is there enough game material included in case youreally like it?)
* DURABILITY (A lot of the games covered here are old. Have the materials held up well?)
All of these are given star () ratings. Afterward, a final score (not necessarily an average) is given.


  bank   Super Blockbusters  
  bank   Break the Bank (1950s)  
    NEW! Break the Bank (1976)  
    Electric Jeopardy!  
    Eye Guess  
    Joker! Joker! Joker!  
    NEW! Pay Cards  
    Password (1960s)  
  wof   NEW! Three on a Match  
  wof   Wheel of Fortune Deluxe