Syndicated, September 1978-September 1979

"(Three contestants and their love problems are briefly summarized). They're here to tell their stories to (four celebrities) on The Love Experts!"

Bill moved from a game show podium to a talk show desk to dispense prizes to contestants who had some semi-odd problems with matters of the heart.

Bill interviews three contestants, one at a time, and asks them various questions about the particular problem they're having with their love life. After the questioning is over, the panelists have their turn to ask the contestant any questions they may have and give their respective solutions to the problem.

After the three contestants have told their stories, the panelists vote for their favorite love problem, and the winner gets a mystery prize.

Also on each show, Bill and the panelists give quick answers to lovelorn audience members I guess because 30 minutes is such a long time to fill.

OK, it's different. But with the right panel it IS entertaining. The two episodes that got out of the vault and are currently circulating are reasonably entertaining, but it relies so heavily on panel chemistry that the series probably wasn't consistantly entertaining, because a diferent panel might not interact as well.

Bill, however, shines in his role as half-game show host, half-talk show host, and if Bill ever had a desire to host a talk show, "The Love Experts" at least demonstrates that he would have been a good one. His interaction with the contestants is natural and free, and he obviously pays attention to the contestants's stories, which is often a failing of fledgling interviewers. Sure, he talked to contestants on game shows before this, but "The Love Experts" was different. Bill steps up to the challenge and shows himself a competent, not to mention very entertaining, interviewer.

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